The Wider Community 

I provide online and face to face creativity projects for schools, hospitals, charities and individuals. These are often supported by corporate social responsibility funding. For enquires contact


Providing online creativity coaching for adults and young people with Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.


As a result of my work with the Royal Academy of Arts Outreach Programme I offer online creativity and personal development workshops for teachers and students.



Creativity online workshops and consultancy to promote communication, cross function, problem solving and to increase resilience.


Inspirational art workshops have been organised to meet the needs of a range of charitable organisations including:

Helping homeless and disadvantaged people.

Contact the Elderly 
Dedicated to tackling loneliness and isolation.

Working and providing for the homeless.

Men in Sheds
Reducing loneliness and isolation in men through creative projects.

Leonard Cheshire Disability
Helping disabled people to live, learn and work as independently as they wish. 

Workshops in the United States

I offer workshops in the US in collaboration with Jill Mosovich who is my agent in North Carolina, a master teacher and advocate of early learning. We provide learning experiences for audiences using art as an inspirational tool.  Jill participated in creating a new curriculum structure at an elementary school based on the idea that a child’s admission should depend on developmental maturity, rather than chronological age. ( Gesell ) She also worked with Yale Graduate School of Architecture to rethink classroom design.


Audiences include:

Strengthening communication, empathy, self awareness and organisation

Providing inspirational and developmental online workshops for those less fortunate and underserved.

Healing through Art 
Strengthening creative spirit and togetherness in those who have suffered.

For enquiries contact: