Peter Moolan Feroze

I am an artist and creativity consultant who believes in Renaissance thinking and the power of cross-fertilisation between subjects to generate greater curiosity and more inspired innovations. In my own career I have cross-fertilised my artistic training with creative education in schools and the development of business leaders, encouraging a wide range of audiences to think outside their existing skill base and find solutions through drawings and paintings they create themselves.

In relation to my own creative journey I have extended my artistic enquiry from drawing and painting to music through teaching myself to sing and write songs. The experience of creating not just as a solo artist but also with groups of musicians, has in turn been fed back into my work with business teams. Exploring musical language has also inspired my most recent digital paintings which demonstrate my renewed interest in improvisation, invention and lyrical colour.

My art, immersion in the business world and exploration of song writing and singing has made me realise that creativity is not something to be pinned down. Rather it is something that is constantly evolving and changing as we move through life and the different experiences and challenges we encounter.