The behaviours I wish to stop and begin going forward

One to One Coaching

If you would like to develop your personal creativity or are a coach and wish to use drawing as a tool with your clients, I offer one to one coaching sessions online.

My speciality is drawing out personal creative awareness and empowering you to use it effectively in your life and work.

A minimum of 3 sessions are recommended and can include elements of the following:

Your Creative Development

– Understand more about creativity as a process
– Start making your own artwork
– Visualise personal biography and future aspirations
– Release creative blocks

Using Drawing with your Clients

– A guide to creativity and its relevance at work
– Specific ideas for coaching exercises using drawing
– Understand and practice non-verbal communication
– Gain confidence to talk about visual imagery and meaning

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Exploring my past, present and future

Groups of Coaches

In association with Steele Consulting I run a project called Creativity in Coaching (CIC) training groups online and face to face to use drawing with their clients.

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‘My skype sessions with Peter have been invaluable. Drawing has a way of bypassing the intellect and connecting with the truth of what is going on at a deeper level. As a coach this has been powerful to experience and has impacted on the way I share creativity with my clients’ 
– Clare Tanner, Consultant, Coach and Trainer