‘As artist and creativity consultant I believe in Renaissance thinking, finding solutions by cross-fertilising subjects. Bringing art into business can increase performance and release the whole person.’

Bringing Art & Business Together

I trained as an artist at the Slade School of Fine Art and the Royal Academy of Arts, London. I specialised in working from the artist’s life model. I was initially influenced by the teaching of Ewan Uglow but I encountered the radical anti -academic theories of Roy Oxlade and Rose Wylie RA which brought more creative expression to my artwork as well as my teaching.

I collaborated with the Royal Academy of Arts for 20 years with the creation of the Royal Academy of Arts Outreach Programme, teaching school students and teachers about the nature of creativity through life drawing workshops. I curated three groundbreaking exhibitions of young people’s drawings at the Royal Academy generating much debate about art education.

I adapted the approaches developed in the Outreach Programme to create workshops for businesses helping senior executives and their teams to create the climate for innovation at work. For many years I was an external consultant for Givaudan, the international perfume and flavour creation company, developing the creativity of teams in the Perfumery and Oral Care Departments. At the same time I worked with their clients Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, Estee Lauder and Jo Malone.

I am currently an External Creativity Consultant at the London Business School where I contribute to global programmes for leaders and teams, igniting change and sharing my knowledge of creative thinking. Projects have included supermarket chain Carrefour, medical suppliers Liva Nova in the United States and engineering company Orica in Australia.