Exhibiting in Paris at Versailles   

Much looking forward to exhibiting two artworks with The Van Gogh Art Gallery at the 8th edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair of Paris in the New Year. I will also have one piece included in a mixed show at the gallery itself in Madrid. 
Watch this space as we are currently deciding which pictures will be shown! If your in Paris then do come and visit us 


Salon du Bien-Etre, Le Touquet 

A great experience taking part in the Salon du Bien-Etre in le Palais des Congres at Le Touquet, France. In addition to other sales we sold two editions of Her Kiss to other exhibitors and made connections with two French interior designers who are going to visit us at the house to see more pictures. The limited edition prints also proved popular with those visiting who live in flats in Paris and want smaller scale art works. 


The Sophie Clarke Foundation

It is wonderful to have artworks chosen to be exhibited in the exhibition and sold at auction to raise money for the mental health organisations Papyrus and Sound Minds. The three pictures included are Venice, Girl with her Dog and Contentment ( Well being in the Sun ) Very pleased that I will be present at the live auction on 17th November 2020




Bespoke Illustrations

It was a real pleasure to work with Geert and provide five illustrations for his business book. I met Geert a while ago through Linked In and discovered that he believed in using visual language as an alternative form of communication to assist in solving team problems. Each of the five drawings in the book convey a narrative and connect with ideas in the main text.
The first drawing is about collaboration and trust. Two figures show greater willingness to find a stronger relationship. At the same time the figure on the left shows less self confidence and trust as she turns away.  The second drawing shows a leader finding a moment of stillness in an ambiguous world. He reflects on his actions and behaviours as a way of improving his appreciation of what modern leadership is about. 


Family Portrait Comission 

Being commissioned to create a family portrait was a great way to start 2021. My client wanted a picture that reminded everyone in the family of a great holiday they experienced. The two interpretations were a gift for the Mother on her birthday. The second picture shows a friend they met and resulted in a nice composition. The daughters requested pictures that were lively and colourful.



I was delighted when Ailsa and Diana commissioned me to create three artworks for their Fabric shop in Old Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Each picture shows examples of clothes sold in the shop. The project also enabled me to further develop my interest in clothes design and I have created some dress concepts that I sell as limited edition prints with figurative themes.
All three of the pictures below are for sale. 

Delighted to be showing at the Minster Gallery, Winchester.

Many thanks to Ines Graham for offering me the opportunity of a one man show exhibiting a wide range of my digital prints including portraits, figures, landscapes and still life. It was wonderful to see the pictures beautifully arranged by Ines and my U.K. agent Nic McElhatton.



I was delighted to be invited to take part in an evening event at Christie’s exploring the influence that Al has on art and lifestyles as well as the future. I provided two workshops for the public and staff sharing my experience of digital art during an evening that also explored holograms and virtual gallery innovations. 
Christie’s also exhibited a selection of my digital prints in the gallery enabling the public to enjoy them and ask questions about how they are created. 

On going South Florida Education Projects

The Early Learning Coalition of Broward County inc sponsored a Conference for the development of Early Childhood Educators.
Jill Mosovich my agent and Michele Cabrera provided the opportunity to deliver two creativity workshops focusing on Best Practice and supporting innovative strategies for improving high quality learning.

Eagles’ Haven Wellness Centre, Coral Springs South Florida.

Supported by JAFCO and The Children’s Services Council. The centre provides a place of comfort and relief for those affected by the Parklands shooting tragedy.

We provided a workshop to help strengthen their inner resources and their creative spirit through practical art exercises and sharing the pictures made. I am available for further workshops and presentations.

Contemporary Art Keen Enthusiast 

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Art and Business: Proposition for the Engineering Community

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The Value of Art for Business in an ambiguous world

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Exhibiting at the Affordable Art Fair

Relocate Magazine

Spring 2019 Issue, cover image by Peter Moolan-Feroze