How I can help your Business

I am a specialist in the use of visual tools to improve the way people think, behave and perform in business. I have over 30 years experience of workshop facilitation and consultancy.

I provide creativity workshops using drawing and painting to release more curiosity and inspired innovation. I enable leaders and teams to create pictures themselves which unlock a far greater range of ideas than conversation can provide. I work with a wide range of businesses and coaching organisations as well as on global programmes at the London Business School.

Benefits for your Business

– Stimulating motivation, creativity and innovation in the workplace
– Helping teams generate original ideas for products and brands.
– Empowering people to find imaginative ways to overcome business challenges
– Improving communication, collaboration and teamwork
– Developing leadership skills

Igniting my creativity

Bespoke Programmes

I tailor my workshops and consultancy to your specific objectives. Working in close partnership with you I can devise processes that will support the long-term development of creativity in your organization. Over the years I have created bespoke learning programmes for a wide range of companies including Deutsche Bank, The European Investment Bank, A.T. Kearney, Marks and Spencer, The Body Shop, and McClaren Automotive.


Visualising Leadership in an Unpredictable World

Flexible Formats

All my workshops and consultancy projects can be delivered in a range of flexible formats in full- day, half-day or shorter modules. I can adapt my approaches to the needs of small groups around the office table or to large-scale conferences. Projects can take place in a variety of contexts ranging from your regular office environment to inspiring venues.

Strengthening Team Communication

‘Peter’s artistic ideas were a real surprise and reinvigorated my thinking as they were about personal creativity in relation to our company’s commercial development. I realised that engineers need to see more connections between things rather than divisions.’

– Chris Hansen, Company Secretary, Orica Mining, Australia